Adventure in the Dark


The Edinburgh Chase was an annual 15 to 20 mile night navigation exercise organised by the Dartford Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Forum. The Chase was undertaken on foot across footpaths and minor roads in North West Kent. First established in 1972 as a publicity event for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at its close evolved into an event that attracted hundreds of participants of ages 14 and upwards from many parts of the UK.

Kent County Council are unable to continue with their support for the Edinburgh Chase.The Edinburgh Chase was conceived back in 1972 as a publicity and fund raising event for the Dartford Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Panel. Over the years the event changed considerably from its origins where the participants were all under 21 and were either taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme or had the potential to do so. Most participants came from the major schools in the area and local scout groups. At its close the Chase had no upper age limit for entry, none of the local schools participate and most of the participants are not actively involved in the Award Scheme. With structural changes within KCC and budgetary restrictions they were no longer able to support the event and provide the essential public liability cover. The Dartford Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Forum has also changed over the years, no longer relying on funds generated from the Chase and teaching staff members that are under ever greater time pressures making it difficult to support or have an interest in an event that is unique, has a level of risk associated with it (however well managed) and does not fit directly into the Award Scheme.

The organisers who sit outside of KCC, regret therefore that the Edinburgh Chase is no longer unable to continue.  

We would like to thank all of you who have supported the event over the years as participants, managers, marshals or parents and have become part of the Chase community.

This website will remain available until early 2018 when it will go down permanently. Please go the the Past Events page to download past routes for you to enjoy at your leisure. Please note when a route was conceived for the Edinburgh Chase of that year it was planned and walked comprehensively. Over the years things may have changed and hazards not present at the time may exist, please evaluate any potential hazard and plan accordingly before walking or using a past route in any way.